Outsourcing & Portable Water Treatment

The service provider owns and maintains the equipment installed in their facility, but how does outsourcing water or wastewater treatment apply?

Save On Capital Expenditures

Outdated/undersized facilities can slow down production processes. Sometimes, improvements and upgrades to these facilities are not feasible. Outsourcing your water treatment allows your business to solve inefficient operations and technologies that might hinder workflow and drive up costs without capital expenditures.

Unforeseen circumstances, such as downsizing or employee turnover can make it difficult to maintain your water treatment equipment. Utilizing Culligan to own and operate your equipment, allowing businesses to focus their respective resources on what they’re great at — manufacturing, distribution, delivery — often makes sense. 

Installation Efficiency

Outsourcing your water treatment to Culligan can often help make a heavy lift easy after initial purchase. Analysis, engineering, development, budgeting approvals, equipment inspections, permits, installation and process optimization. Our 80 years of expertise in the water industry can help you cut through much of this red tape. We can often have equipment onsite and operational in as little as 8 to 16 weeks. Temporary processes are also available for quick, easy setup and breakdown. 

Less Stress in Event of Failure and Regulatory Pressure

Issues can occasionally occur with large-scale water treatment equipment. How well are you prepared? Culligan is local, and offers emergency repair services and temporary water treatment to reduce costly downtime. Likewise, regulatory pressure or environmental concerns from an obsolete system may have rendered your current system obsolete. Is the near future a concern? Switching to outsourced operations typically offers more flexibility to address changing conditions. Culligan’s mobile/skid-mount equipment can always be used for short-term or permanent solutions. 

Do you have difficulty today predicting the treatment requirements two or three years into the future? Outsourced operations typically offer more flexibility to address changing operating conditions such as water flows, water analysis, etc. Mobile or skid-mounted equipment can be quickly provided for short term or permanent solutions.


  • Typically Culligan bills monthly at a flat rate per-thousands of gallons of water treated. 
  • Contracts can range from 36 to 60 months, but can last longer.